Fast Path

cutting-edge legal terms for software license sales

These terms were last updated a year ago, on January 2, 2022 at 6:40:21 PM UTC.

To access Fast Path, you have to agree to these terms with Artless Devices LLC. Please read them.


If you use Fast Path terms to close a deal with a customer, you owe us our published fee. Pay according to within two business days of closing.

This isn’t a donation. It isn’t a tip. You owe us the money. That is our deal.

Our fee structure and payment method may change over time. The fee you owe, and the payment method you need to use, are the ones listed on when you close your deal.

Our fee applies whether you close a deal on our terms verbatim, use our terms and make changes, or copy parts of our terms into your own.


Nobody involved bringing Fast Path to you will be liable to you for any damages related to Fast Path, for any kind of legal claim. Fast Path comes strictly "as is".

We’re selling forms here, not any kind of attorney-client relationship. Even if you reach out to us with feedback or questions, we won’t be responsible to you as a lawyer would. We do recommend you hire a good lawyer to make sure Fast Path fits your needs.


We give you permission to download, copy, and make changes to Fast Path terms to negotiate and keep records of your deals, as well as for study and teaching. But you have to follow a few simple rules.

  1. Don’t remove any of our notes about copyrights, trademarks, licenses, or other legal terms that apply to our work. Where our work goes, those notes must go.

  2. Don’t republish our terms, especially on the open Internet. People who want our terms should come to, agree to these terms, and download their own copies.

  3. If you make changes to Fast Path terms, other than just to fill them out as directed, clarify that your terms aren’t the same as Fast Path anymore. If you can add a note that your terms are “based on Fast Path” where readers will be likely to see and notice, do so. Otherwise, remove all mention of “Fast Path” and “” from your copy.


If we somehow end up suing about anything related to Fast Path, we agree to take it to federal or state court in Oakland, California. California law will govern.

We know you’re not all in Oakland. But we can’t really know what these terms mean, or whether they’ll work, without pinning down what law applies. There are also a lot more of you than there are of us. If we could get sued in a thousand different places, we could easily go bankrupt paying for plane tickets, lawyers, and translators.


This version of our terms replaces any earlier version you may have agreed to. If we change these terms again, you’ll need to agree to the new terms to keep accessing and using Fast Path.


If your use of Fast Path is covered by another, separate deal with us, that deal, not these terms, govern your use. For example, if your company has a deal for use of Fast Path for a flat fee per month, you don’t have to pay our published fee under these terms, too.