Fast Path

cutting-edge legal terms for software license sales

Your software looks great! Go ahead and send us your license agreement. Just standard terms, right?

You write software, not license agreements. A quick search turns up twenty forms. They all look slightly different, but you can’t really tell them apart. One mentions sending notices by fax. You need to make the sale…

Fast Path publishes rigorous, readable, fully customizable legal terms for software license sales under US law. Anyone can use Fast Path to prepare a deal packet they can read, understand, fill out, propose, and sign with confidence.

Fast Path is pay-as-you-go. Sellers owe a fee only if and when they make sales using Fast Path terms.


Fast Path supports a broad variety of license terms for end users of software, from individuals buying for their own use to large organizations buying for their whole team.

Fast Path does not cover other deals in the software supply chain, such as reseller or systems-integrations contracts. If you’d be interested in a Fast Path-like solution for those kinds of terms, send an e-mail. If you’d be intersted in terms for software as a service, plug into SaaS Passport.


Fast Path’s terms and the software behind are maintained for Artless Devices by Kyle E. Mitchell, a California lawyer experienced in software licensing since 2013 and software development since the mid 1990s. Kyle holds founding board seats for Blue Oak Council and PolyForm Project, and stays active in open dev.

Fast Path is not a lawyer or law firm for hire but a new kind of legal publisher putting quality legal tools directly in the hands of software developers.